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I KEEP six honest serving-men (They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When And How and Where and Who.
--Rudyard Kipling

What: I help people build businesses that make the world better.

Why: It's incredibly fun and it matters.

When: We talk daily, weekly... whenever you need me.

Where: Online via phone, Skype, Zoom, email... Or in person in Toronto at the Centre for Social Innovation or nearby.

How: If you're building a business and wish you had someone you could talk to on a regular basis to help you brainstorm, make decisions, set priorities, stop procrastinating, hold you accountable... that's what I do.

Who: Phil Nauta - entrepreneur, business mentor/coach.

Phil Nauta

My clients are...

1. Starting

Half of my clients are starting a new business, wanting help with the whole process.

2. Or Growing

The other half need help to grow an existing business, with online and/or offline marketing.

3. Service-Oriented

They're usually offering some kind of service that aims to help others improve their lives.

4. Education-oriented

They often have plans to teach others - through a book, online course, or even just a blog.

5. Overwhelmed

With dozens of things to do and decisions to make every day, they need help prioritizing.

6. Procrastinating

Staying busy, but not with the important stuff, so things are moving more slowly than they'd like.

7. Website Novices

Often needing advice on websites, email lists, social media, payment processing, etc.

8. Business Newbies

Need help with certain aspects of business such as marketing, selling or daily operations.

Some recent clients...

Mahaya Forest Hill

“I am consistently impressed with your ability to provide value. The profit increase for practitioners was $40,000 this year. Our website is seeing a DOUBLING of traffic and our new newsletter strategy has been hugely successful with a 6-fold increase in click-rates.”
Chris, Owner

Gaia College

“Phil has been instrumental in a major revision of our web presence as we moved to an integrated implementation of Joomla, Virtuemart and Moodle. He works efficiently, intelligently and independently. We are happy to recommend Phil and his work.”
Michael and Heide Hermary, Founders

Homeopathy First

"I highly recommend talking to Phil if you need a Boss Of Your Business. A few short calls with him and I had a clear, do-able plan to get some stuff done before the end of the year. AND BONUS he helped me get this lovely new site built that feels like it fits me and my biz perfectly."
Torey Ivanic, Owner

Earth Play Retreats

“Hi Phil, It looks awesome! Thank you! I am getting psyched! All the best. ”
Heidi, Owner

Fundamentals of Play

“A big BIG thank you to all who supported its creation with special callout to Phil Nauta who helped me make this vision a reality.”
Luis Serrano, Owner

Ever Present Life

"I have a new website! And a new logo. And a new business name. Huge thanks to Phil Nauta for his skills."
Becky Lindstrom, Coach

I help you...

1. Build

Develop and implement your business and marketing strategies.

2. Grow

Get more clients or customers and create offerings that serve them.

3. Move

Make decisions, set goals, be accountable, and get a LOT more done each day.

4. Create

Improve your selling and marketing strategies and tactics.

About me...

I've been helping small business owners since 2005 while also starting and running several of my own. I’ve sold a couple of them and continue to run a couple of them. Here are the main ones:


In early 2017, I was wishing there was a way I could speak to a naturopathic doctor on a regular basis without having to pay $150-$200 each time. I noticed that technology was finally helping healthcare come online in a secure way that made it much more affordable and convenient for people, but nobody was doing it with natural healthcare, so I built it.

Smiling Gardener

This is where I run a 12 month online organic gardening course as well as selling organic fertilizers to gardeners and farmers in the U.S. I worked hard on it for the first 3 years, and now it pays my bills with about 2 hours of work on average per week, plus I'm helping people around the world and there is no better feeling.

Gardener's Pantry

I built and sold this business, and continue to maintain the website as well as consulting on marketing. The site sells organic fertilizers. The new owner said, "What I especially like about the new website, besides the solid information, is the nice calm tone, and how your respectful but 100% dedicated attitude is shining through."

Heather Nicholds

I co-founded this business with my ex-wife Heather. She’s a holistic nutritionist who offers cooking classes, meal plans and consultations. Similarly to 'Smiling Gardener', she now generates passive income from the site while helping others improve their health. She's amazing. If you're on a plant-based diet and need help with food, check her out.

How To Start...

My rates tend to fall between $300-$3000/month, depending mostly on how much time we spend together.

Send me an email at, tell me a bit about your needs, and we'll go from there 🙂