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My name is Phil Nauta.

Since 2005, I’ve been helping people build businesses that make the world better.

I build new websites (and upgrade old ones) for small businesses and solopreneurs.

I'm also a business coach, helping you make decisions and stay on track.

I work mostly with WordPress because it's so flexible - I’ve built eCommerce websites that do 6 figures a year, online courses that support hundreds of students, and simple 3-page websites for people providing a service.

My favorite projects are ones where I get to create something unique while still optimizing for site performance and functionality (I see a lot of websites that look nice but are slow to load and poorly structured under the hood).

But broadly, if it's WordPress, count me in - from eCommerce to online courses/membership sites to local businesses.

I've shared a few notes below and you can call/text/WhatsApp me at 1-416-858-3480 or email

The office :)

The office

My ideal client is a kindred spirit, someone I get to work with for years, updating and improving their website over time.

I occasionally do shorter-term projects, but I love working with long-term clients because:

  • Most websites need regular maintenance and updates to keep them performing their best. After I've put so much effort into building a website, I really want it to keep running smoothly.
  • I'm an entrepreneur at heart, so I tend to find myself wanting to dive deeper into your business, helping you figure out how to reach more people, increase profits, etc.

I build websites that are:

  • Simple. I've noticed that over the years, my websites have gotten less complicated, not more. I want them to be easy to navigate on the front end and easy to use for you on the back end.
  • Fast. I'm obsessed with site speed because it's so critical for user experience and for SEO. And it's just so exciting to make a site load in 1 second instead of 10.
  • Profitable. Many designers put most of their focus on aesthetics, and although that's definitely a fun part of the job, I try to spend just as must time focusing on your business/non-profit goals.

Recent Projects


Smiling Gardener

This is my own site where I run a 12-month online course on how to grow your own organic, nutrient-dense food, along with an e-commerce store selling organic fertilizers to gardeners. It's one of my most meaningful projects ever, helping people around the world.


Mayana Cacao

“I just re-read my original requests and you did all of them beyond what I imagined. The site is faster, easier to navigate, and more attactive than ever.”
-Maria, Founder

I moved this site from Shopify and simplified it on the front-end and also on the back-end to make it easier for the client to use.


Students Helping Students

“The site is amazing. Thank you for all of your great work.“
-Bill, Founder

I built a website application to help this non-profit increase donations and volunteering.


Gardener's Pantry

"As he also runs his own online business, Phil is up to date on current trends and site requirements. My new web presence offers better customer service, is much more efficient, and also has increased security. Customers noticed and sent positive feedback. And business is up! I thought Phil's rates are absolutely fair. I am very lucky to retain him for ongoing tech support."
-Christina, Owner


Mahaya Forest Hill

“I am consistently impressed with your ability to provide value. The profit increase for practitioners was $40,000 this year. Our website is seeing a DOUBLING of traffic and our new newsletter strategy has been hugely successful with a 6-fold increase in click-rates.”
-Chris, Owner



I decided many years ago that the best way for me to wake up excited to start work each morning is to do great work for a fair price, and that decision has been a good one.

I've built sites for $1,000 and $50,000 and everywhere in between, but most of them are in the $2,500-$6,500 range.

How much will your website cost?

To figure that out, I need to ask you some questions. Any of these will get through directly to me:

• Phone call/text or WhatsApp: 1-416-858-3480 (9am-7pm Eastern)
• Email:

P.S. I know some people don't want to reach out because they're not sure they're ready or they don't want to waste my time, but please don't be shy.

I'd love to hear about what you're up to. If we work together, that's great, and if not, we'll make the connection. So please, say hello!